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B90Z Birthday Party Program

When only the best will do! 

B90Z is Americas premier Birthday Party program. Over 500 Martial arts schools, studios, gyms and fitness centers are using the B90Z platform to get incredible results! 

Video Training Shows You a REAL Party in Action!

Don’t “guess” how to do it. Let me show you! Just watch the video, and you’ll see a REAL-LIFE party of mine in action!

I hold nothing back from you. All of my secrets to successful, school-growing parties are yours.

Get JUNIOR Staff to Run Your Parties… And THANK You For It.

Discover how I get my JUNIOR instructors (that’s right - not even my senior instructors have to worry about it) to run my parties and LOVE every moment of it.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to do this, too? Let me show you how.

Grow Your Parties with Proven Print Pieces.

Included are ready-to-print graphics and letters that sell, sell, sell.


- Invitations that include an injury waiver

- A letter to send prospects after the party to seal the deal on booking them for intros

- A letter for your current students to sell them on your birthday party experience

- A double-sided 3-panel brochure selling your birthday parties to current students

- 1-page price sheet that clearly spells out 3 different packages for parents to choose from (basic, deluxe, and x-treme!)

- And more!


Put the risk on my shoulders.

Try B90z for yourself.

If you’re not happy - you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

I just KNOW this stuff works. I’ve heard too many stories of its success to count, not to mention my own massive success across my 14 schools.

So it’s easy for me to make you this offer.

So what do you say? You in?

Then click the image & let’s grow your school!

B90Z Birthdays

Host an amazing party with the B90Z program. It is the premier DONE FOR YOU MODEL that gives you:

  • Step by step How to training videos
  • Complete Blueprint Training manual 
  • Party evaluation sheet
  • Professionally designed Graphics and templates
  • Custom Invitations
  • Custom Thank you cards
  • Prize wheel inserts (prize matters)
  • Social Media Advertising campaigns
  • Email flows for attendees before and after the party
  • 3 panel brochures
  • Party pricing
  • Custom Goodie bag pass 
  • Custom Prize wheel pass

In other words…. 

Everything you need to instantly run and operate the most successful birthday party program ever created for use in martial art schools, BJJ gyms, fitness centers and more.  

See you on the Inside!

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