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The Perfect Operations Manual


What would it be like to have an operations manual that guided you and your team step by step through each part of the business process and included systems like: 

  • The most effective info phone call procedures with all the scripting done for you
  • New member enrollment processes done for you
  • Marketing and advertising systems done for you
  • Employee onboarding done for you
  • Student onboarding done for you
  • Creating an amazing customer service experience done for you

Finally, what would it be like, to have all these business systems in one easy reference manual?

Great news. You don't have to wonder anymore, it's here! 

Now you can quickly and easily blueprint your martial arts business needs, so you can continue to grow and expand operations.

Your legacy starts here.

The Perfect Operations manual includes over 50 years of the most successful business strategies and employee guidelines ever created. Decades of trial and error have allowed us to create this operations manual so you can compress time, save money and not make the mistakes of the past, all while ensuring that your current employees, staff, instructors and team members know exactly what is expected of them. 

The Perfect Operations Manual

Welcome to the future of your business.  The DOJO DOCTORS have done it again! 

The Perfect Operations Manual is the systems blueprint that you need to avoid the pain of costly customer service mistakes. Take all the "guess work" out of how you want your business to be run while you are there and more importantly while you are away.

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