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Training instructors to become leaders used to be difficult.

Until Now.

Get started on your path to developing a TEAM of inspirational trainers who are reliable, efficient teaching machines.


Big Book
Bigger Value

Our Instructor training manual is packed full of useful tips and advise. Frustration free. The step by step plan uses over 50 years of experience teaching, training and guiding students. We'll show you how to recruit a rockstar team.

Trainers are
our Brand Ambassadors

With our manual and training we instantly raise your teams awareness of the power of YOUR brand and why their first priority is to be the best brand ambassador. We transform them from ordinary to extraordinary

Drill. Rehearse.

The drills and exercises that we help you take your trainers through are educational, fun, and interactive. The same type of training we apply to our regular students we use to create rockstar instructors.

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