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The REAL VIP Experience

Uncategorized May 05, 2019


When you really think about it- We all want to get treated like a VIP. to feel personally connected and empowered by the buying experience or to have  proximity to the leader or head of the company or even to get that special offer, deal or discount. 😍

As a business owner it should be priority #1 to start building a relationship with your potential clients, your audience, your current members, or your students, and find out ways you can continue to make them feel special. 👍 Before you offer them anything else- 


Ask them: what they want, what they need, What they are looking for and even more important BE HONEST with them and yourself.... Can you really help them or are you just trying to make a buck? 💰 There are a variety of survey tools and apps out there that can help you facilitate the answers you need, but in my experience the easiest and most reliable way is to ask in person and in confidence not in front of a group or in a crowded lobby. Set up a time to interview your clients and allow them to give you honest feedback. The more you invest in them with your time the better the long term results you can gain. Plus this simple meeting helps them to feel like the VIP your marketing promised them they would be. (btw, do not farm this task out to an assistant or Jr. team member) 

Once you gather that info and build that trust and you know you can help, then and only then would you even consider offering your product or service.  Otherwise the spiral effect happens: they'll feel just like a name and a number, they may end up with "buyers remorse" they may never use or understand why you sold them what you sold them. Their only choice is the refund request....and nobody wants that transaction. 

People refund transactions they don't refund relationships. Relationships take time. Build a solid foundation. Be in this for the passion and be in it for the long game. Your marketing, your message, your medium (platform) of choice must all match and be congruent with who you are and what you believe. Aspire to build ongoing relationships that allow your potential and current customers to feel connected with you. Then and only then will they be willing to do business with you.

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