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Use this 1 weird trick to get more customers for your business

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2019

Two of the most popular questions we get asked are: "How do I get social proof and how do I use it in my business?" 

The power of social proof is undeniable.

Every successful business, that plans on being around for another 5-50 years is already harnessing both video, audio and written word posts to help them get new customers and retain their current ones.  

And if you're not still sold on the power of social proof and how it impacts your business, according to Entrepreneur magazine:

55% of customers check reviews before they call your business.

80% of customers check your reviews before they even visit the building that your business is in. 

The final stat is shocking: 97% of customers will ask family or friends before they buy. (this applies to any purchase over $100.)

But what are the best ways to get reviews, social proof and testimonials  for our business?

The answer might surprise you because of the fact that it is so amazingly simple.

Check out our quick and easy tips in the video on how you can get and use the power of social proof to explode your business no matter what industry you are in! 

Click to watch👉 SOCIAL PROOF so you can learn step by step how its done.Take great notes and be ready to harness the power of social proof in your business.

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