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How You Can Stop Struggling to "Get by." Even if You Only Have 25 Members Right Now!

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2019

WANTED: Business & Systems Training for The 21st Century.

We have felt the same anxiety all business owners face when it comes to  trying to earn a decent living while teaching the martial arts.

We understand how it feels to constantly struggle to get new members, and to keep current members, to be unsure if your business will survive another 6 months, to make rent, electricity, phone, internet, payroll.....  

We understand the frustration of trying advertising and marketing that just doesn't seem to work right. 

We get it. We were there too. 

​We learned a thousand  hard lessons about business, then finally  it all changed.

We got systems in place, we got guidance and mentorship, we kept tweaking and refining the systems so they were duplicatable and reliable and could be done by anyone.. not just us.We unlocked the secret to gaining new members faster while keeping current members longer.

What we found, developed and created has revolutionized our business model at Red Dragon Karate and became so powerful that our schools grew and expanded from 1 location to 12 successful locations and counting....

We got it all together- the hard way- and the  good news is, you don't have to and you won't need 50 years to learn how to duplicate our success. Our business building success systems are already being used in over 500 other successful martial art schools, studios, gyms, and fitness centers, making it easy for them to grow their business with less stress.

Now, it's your turn.

Join us AUGUST 2nd & 3rd at the Beautiful Queen Mary in Long Beach California for two days of intense laser focused business training.  Let us give you the practical and tactical information you need to supercharge your business!

 August 2-3 at The Historic QUEEN MARY in Long Beach, California

At The Business Kombat Mastermind  Event You'll Get

  • Freedom with strategies you can implement in your business for immediate results - Done for you = Less Stress and Anxiety!​
  • A better lifestyle when you follow our blueprint to Double (Or Even Triple) The Revenue You Generate Inside Your Martial Arts Business. Yes, It's True!
  • Peace of Mind with a Clear Plan To Operate Your Business That Will Produce Consistent, Reliable, Profitable Results. 
  • A special Bonus: Register Today And Get Instant Access To Our "Save Your Summer Without CAMPS" A Complete How To PDF & Video Guide.

Oh. And in case you're wondering …Yes. Of course there's a money back guarantee! I always put my money where my mouth is! In fact, hear this...The Boldest Guarantee In The World. Even though I'm already letting you attend the Business Kombat Mastermind for an insanely low price... I wanted to go one step further...

I'm also going to give you a 100% happiness guarantee! If you decide to cancel or ask for your money back for any reason (which you can easily do by sending us an email at [email protected] we will make it happen. Literally all the risk is on us, so we can deliver you the most value.

How's that for fair? This Truly Is An Unheard Of Offer, So Click The link NOW  To save your seat at the Business Kombat Mastermind & Get the FREE Bonuses Before You Miss Out!

Join us at And Claim Your FREE Bonuses Immediately!

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