Now You Can Get The "Unfair Advantage" Enjoyed by the Industry Elite

Ever heard of “Black Belt Brain”?

See if you recognize the symptoms:

Excitement over the different ways you could grow your business, then: Overwhelm which leads to no execution.

Switching between classes and admin but feeling like not enough gets done by the end of the day.

100 sticky notes, to-do lists, or tabs open on your computer

Losing members faster then you can enroll them.

Feeling like there has to be a better way to get more students, but you haven’t found it yet

If "Black Belt Brain" is stressing you out and slowing you down from actually increasing your income, we have the solution you've been looking for.



It’s not enough to be great at what you do, you need students.

And not just any students. But the right kind.

The ones who are thrilled to train with you. Who understand that you’re unique and different from anyone else in the marketplace. Who show up eager to learn and who are willing to do the work, so they get the results.

Here's the truth: Most new member attraction strategies being taught today by other coaches just flat out don’t work. Flyers, buddy days, cold calls, doing a VIP. WTF..?

Those were ok for building a business in 1995, but they’re hopeless when it comes to enrolling new members in the 21st century.

Without a steady flow of the perfect students and members, your business is in trouble.

The Dojo Doctor Elite Coaching system is the "Unfair Advantage" you've heard about.
We teach and train our clients cutting-edge marketing techniques that really work…(we use them ourselves)

We don't teach theory, we practice what we preach. Plus, we provide you with the easy steps for the practical and tactical strategies that get results. We also give you access to the tools, tech support and insider secrets you simply will not get anywhere else.

Most importantly, we help you get into the right mindset so you can take action and create extraordinary transformations in your business.

Ideas are great... RESULTS are even better. You don't take our word for it. We have tons of success stories. Real business owners from across the country getting the results they wanted. 

It's time to stop surviving. It's time to start THRIVING!


Meet Steven & Brian

We helped Steve go forward, fast. He needed to be able to get off the floor so he could work ON his business and not IN his business. Following our plan, he did just that. Brian knew how to be a great trainer but lacked systems to move his business forward. We got him there quickly and now he and his wife continue to work less and make more!


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Dreams start here


Billy did it. He LOVES the martial arts but was struggling to get new members and keep his current members from quitting. Our coaching and systems helped him double his business in less than 6 months! Watch his story.


Ready? Click the button below to set up your call. The next step is up to you.

Dreams start here

Your Success Starts Today

Are you ready to get the mentorship and guidance you need, so you can start building the business you want? The opportunity is right here, right now... Grab it. No more excuses. Real results. Guaranteed.

"I have been blown away with the tools and strategies. I'm just starting to implement but already have seen profound changes in our clients. We are on track to have our best month ever."

Eric M.
Best Month Ever

"The ideas we have gotten are amazing this system is worth way more...and we don't just get ideas we get the actual strategies that get results. With one little tweak to our platform we got 7 new members in one day! So happy we made this investment."

Shelly B.
Worth Way More

"We have already doubled what we did last year. What an amazing system and Chris is so easy to work with. Our studio is running like a well oiled machine."

Crushing it

"One year down and I am still continually amazed by Chris and the Dojo Doctor team! They continue to educate, motivate and keep me grounded. Thank you all for allowing me to be a member sir!"

Billy W.
"Totally Amazed"

"This program delivers a mentor & a team who knows exactly what you're going through and the "know how" to what needs to be done. They are with you every step of the way. I love having Chris there, with his team, whenever I need them to answer a question or guide me through, a situation with confidence. The changes in my business, in myself as a leader and my team are incredible. The #1 thing that I have been struggling with is retention. I am aware now of the missing pieces in my retention. With the system I've learned, I am able to fix that and grow more. It's great, he has systems within systems, and they are not refurbished. They are upgraded and the results are amazing. đź’Ż"

Andrew F


The secret: it's a mindset shift, we will show you how to embrace fear in order to breakthrough it

You know that feeling when you’re determined to do something, and you’re really excited about it – but you’re kinda scared at the same time – and you’re ready to take action, but you keep finding excuses to delay actually starting because of fear?  

Fear leads to non-action, non-action leads to no results, stop being scared of the unknown, it's fake, it's the boogeyman for business owners.

It's time to start the momentum in the proper direction. Stop talking about it, stop thinking about it and just do it! 


Coaching provides clarity and speed to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Look at it this way, You’re a coach, teacher, trainer, mentor, and a business owner who provides a valuable service to your community. The health of your business depends on getting new members in the door and on the floor. Get the mentorship you need to crush the competition and grow your business!


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*NOTE* Not everyone gets accepted into our program. We only accept action takers, not excuse makers. If you value great information and you are willing to do what it takes to succeed. We will be the perfect fit for you.